5 Unsuspecting Causes of Back Pain

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Article by Pure Life Wellness Chiropractic

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Every person, at one time or another, experiences some form of back pain over the course of a lifetime. The causes are often unclear, as many continue on without seeking care for their pain. While not all back pain is chronic pain, it could be easily fixed by visiting your local Chiropractor. If you are unsure as to why or where your back pain came from, check out these unsuspecting causes of back pain.

1. Shoes can lead to back pain and not just the heels and stilettos are to blame! Old and worn out shoes begin to lack important qualities over time. While comfort and correct sizing of shoes is key in maintaining proper support, making sure the padding, arches, or soles are still offering support is just as crucial.

2. An unsupportive bra. Bras that do not support your body and curves can be a leading cause of continuous, dull back pain in women. Carrying more weight in the front than the spine can support will begin to affect a woman’s spine in general – especially without the presence of a supportive bra. Over time, the gradual, lingering pain can lead to negative changes in posture, or unnatural curvatures in the spine. It is important to remember that carrying any form of weight, the closer to the body the better, as it will allow for your core and spine to align more properly.

3. Cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes is not only bad for your health, but it can affect your back and neck as well. Smoking cuts off levels of oxygen being passed through the body. When this happens, the oxygen that controls the motion in your back is weakened and sometimes cut off momentarily, causing your back to struggle to commit to movements. This adds unnecessary pressure and strain to the back.

4. Sleeping wrong. Have you ever woken up and felt as though you hadn’t quite rested at all? Sleeping wrong doesn’t just affect your level of energy, but it can be a leading cause of back pain. For those who are sleeping on a sinking mattress, or a mattress that is not firm enough to support you as you sleep, you may experience morning stiffness. What you may not realize is that the morning stiffness remains throughout the day as a more serious condition. Many people are unaware of this as they begin to attribute back pain throughout the day on other various external factors, such as work, office chairs, driving, taking care of the kids, or cleaning.

5. Poor diet. Unhealthy diets can lead to people becoming overweight or obese. Maintaining a healthy diet will allow you more mobility and less strain to certain muscle groups. Fatty, greasy diets cause people to gain weight and over time, the weight gain takes a toll on the body, especially the back.

Although all of these unsuspecting causes of back pain are different, they share a common trait. The five unsuspecting causes are all daily activities for everyday people. If we think about our daily routines and acknowledge the path we are on, it makes it easier to begin eliminating damaging outcomes. Why suffer from back pain when you can seek help? For more information about back pain, causes, and courses of action for treatment, call us today for a consultation: 619-501-7873!