The History Of Chiropractic

Did you know chiropractic was founded by D.D.Palmer in 1895, in Iowa? Here’s a great Wikipedia article detailing the history of chiropractic and its early roots.

What Is A Chiropractor And What Do They Treat?

A chiropractor is a type of doctor that has a doctorate in Chiropractic and that has more specialized training in the spine than a typical medical doctor. Typical visits to a chiropractor are made to give relief in the form of a chiropractic spinal adjustment. Here’s a yahoo article that describes what a chiropractor is and what a chiropractic adjustment can do for you.

Chiropractic Care For Backpain

A WebMD article about chiropractic for back pain relief. Although common for the treatment of back pain, it is also a treatment alternative for people suffering with many different types of pain and injury.

Chiropractic Care For Pregnancy

Chiropractic care is important during pregnancy because changes such as postural adaptations, protruding abdomen, pelvic changes and increased back curve can result in a misaligned spine and/or joints. Here’s an article from that discusses chiropractic care during pregnancy. Both Dr. Alissa Cannon and Dr. Bernard Cannon are certified in the Webster Technique, a chiropractic analysis and adjustment of the pelvis for pregnant women that can help facilitate optimal fetal positioning for birth.

What Is The Webster Technique?

An article from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association about the Webster Technique. Correct positioning of the baby in-utero affects the outcome of birth and decreases the potential for the baby’s developing spine and nerve system to experience undue stress.

San Diego Pregnancy Resource: Doula

Beautiful Beginnings is a group of birth and postpartum doulas, childbirth educators, lactation educators and passionate women who are here to help you transition to parenthood.